Bookkeeping, KPI and Benchmarking Solutions:

For Franchisors


Franchise Ranking

  • Custom and non-financial KPI (metric) integration.
  • Franchisees can see the median and percentile they are in for each metric.

Consolidated Financials

Consolidated Financials

  • Have a complete picture so you can see the overall health of your organization.
  • Identify areas in the organization that need attention.

Data for Item 19 of your FDD


  • Find the right data for your financial performance representations.
  • Become more attractive to potential franchisees.

Trend Tracking

Trend Mapping

  • See where your metrics are heading so you can plan accordingly.
  • Compare KPI trends to each other to see how they may correlate.

Franchisee Support


  • Provide your franchisees with quality data so they know which areas they excel at and areas where they may need some improvement.
  • Multi-unit operators can compare locations they own against each other or all the units in the system.

Unit Level Economics


  • Your success is based on your franchisee's success. Get access to their financial data all in one place so it can be useful and used as a tool to support your franchisees.

For Franchisees

The Right Numbers


  • Access the most important and actionable numbers for your business model on one page.
  • You'll feel more engaged without being overloaded with multiple logins and numerous reports to juggle at the end of the day.

Profitability Tracker


Consolidated or by unit data:

  • Break-even point
  • Current profitability point
  • Profit at any revenue point assuming fixed and variable costs stay consistent

Goal Setting


Trying to meet a financial goal? 

See what it would take to get to a certain profitability %, revenue or net profit amount by:

  • Raising Prices
  • Raising Volume
  • Lowing Variable costs
  • Lowering Fixed costs


Franchise Bookkeeping

  • Full service bookkeeping at affordable rates. 

POS Custom Integration


  • We work with software to bring in the custom and non-financial metrics you need in your reports.
  • Build custom APIs to automate your data systems. 

KPI Ranking Reports


  • KPI ranking will help identify areas of opportunity.
  • You  can see how your location might be ranking amongst other units in the franchise. 

Franchise Bookkeeping and KPI Benchmarking