Franchise Start-up Assistance

Get your franchise started off in the right direction!

With over 15 years in the franchise industry and my CFE (Certified Franchise Executive) certification from the IFA (International Franchise Association), I have the knowledge and experience to help guide businesses who want to start franchising or improve their franchising effort. I also help potential franchisees evaluate franchisors or existing franchisees deal with issues they may have with their franchisor. 

Besides coaching and training, I develop the following documents at a fraction of the cost franchise attornies and most franchise consultants charge. I do work with an attorney who WILL review the FDD and Franchise Agreement. 

These items can typically cost over 10X as much from an attorney or consulting firm. 

All of our documents are created by a CFE and all contracts and FDDs are reviewed by an attorney. Click "See Process" below for more details.

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Franchise Report and Analysis

This custom report takes about four days to complete. Here I will analyze six or seven similar franchise systems. The report is usually around 12-14 pages and explains what those franchisors are charging, requiring of their franchisees, support they offing their franchisees, and the terms of the actual agreement. I cant usually pick up many of the best practices for your business model!

Franchise Operations Manuals

We can develop a Franchise Operations Manual for you or turn your current Operations Manual into a Franchise Operations Manual. They are different!


We can create a complete FDD with your input. We also have access to 1000's of other FDDs and can share with you FDDs of companies similar to yours so you can see what some of the more established franchisors are doing.

Franchise Agreement

We can work with you to develop the terms of your agreement based on best practices for the industry you are in, making sure you are competitive.

Other Items

Need to register your trademark? Need a Branding guide to accompany your operations manual? We can do this at extremely competitive prices!

See the full franchise start-up process here