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On-Going Franchisor Service Plan


We understand that every year there are deadlines that you have to make to keep your franchise current and in compliance. We want to help you with some of those tasks to free up more of your time. We're offering a monthly service that includes the following items. 

Standard Annual Audit

A standard annual audit as required by the FTC for your FDD. 

Annual FDD Updates

Annual FDD updates with attorney review.**

"Material" updates to your FDD Mid-Year.

We will help you update your FDD as you grow. Any material updates MUST be made to your FDD before and new disclosures are done.

Up to 8 Hours of Consulting Services Per Month

Continuing consulting services as requested.

File Organization

File Organization of your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) versions, Franchise Agreement 

(FA) versions and signed agreements.

Service Cost

*Complex audits may require addition funds to be paid directly to the Auditor. **Attorney’s fee for such services for your benefit will be charged at the time as a pass-through of a certain portion of the fees paid by you to Fran Metrics under this Agreement. Initial Fee and Monthly Service Charge are non refundable.