The Process

Steps 1 thru 3 - Getting started!

  1. Collect information on your concept.
  2. Analyze the feasibility of franchising your concept.
  3. Meet together for a one-hour presentation on franchising.

We can start the process of registering your trademark if needed at this point.

These first three steps can be done in a single day! 

Step 4 - FDD Analysis and Franchisor Report

This task takes about four days. Here we will analyze six or seven similar franchise systems and their Disclosure Documents. 

The report is usually around 12-14 pages and explains what other Franchisors are charging, requiring of their franchisees, what support is offered to their Franchisees, and terms of the actual agreement.

Step 5- Create a Franchise Agreement (Contract) and FDD

This step takes another few weeks. It will tie back into the operations manual.

We provide a questionnaire to start the process moving forward. 

This step will also require good communication as well. We can take much of what we learned in the FDD report (Step 4) to develop your terms and rates in the Agreement. 

Step 6 - Building Your Franchise Operations Manuals

This step takes from a few weeks to a couple of months and requires good communication.

We usually need the most help with the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) section of the manual. Any existing documentation that can assist us with this will speed up the process.

We typically break up the manuals into three categories:

  • Pre-Opening Manual, which helps to get the location open.
  • Operations Manual,  tells how to run the business.
  • SOP Guides, goes over the standard operating procedures of the business.

If needed we can develop a Branding Guide and Social Media Guide.

Step 7 - Setting up the Sales and Recruitment Process

This step will take a couple of days but only requires a few hours per day. For training multiple people, we can set up a time we could all come together to do a remote training session. The session will encompass all the documents and email templates.

We will help you find the right people and avoid legal pitfalls when talking to potential franchisees. 

Step 8 - Internal Systems

We will assist you in this stage as you grow. The larger you are, the more advanced the systems should be. 

We can begin by developing the ones you will need from the start. To name a few those initial systems are Franchise Recruitment, Franchise Evaluations, Benchmarking, and FDD Updates. Of course, we can go over many more with you too. 

Road Map & Pricing Document

Franchise Set-Up (pdf)