About us

Our Mission:

To provide tools and data to help franchisors support franchisees.

Why we are here:

Jason, the founder of Fran Metrics, wanted to create a great and affordable solution to get all the benchmarks that mattered for the franchisees and franchisors in one place. Franchisees are busy running their business and not wanting to log into multiple web portals and applications to get all the numbers that are significant to them. Our solution was to put all the most important figures together and leave out the ones that were neither high level or affected by operations. Fran Metrics has made it easier to focus on the issues that are the most relevant and actionable.

Franchisees are significantly more engaged and can see where they are excelling and where they may need help by benchmarking them against other units or groups of defined units.

Our Promise:

We only want to work with franchisors and franchisees where we can add value. That is why we do NOT have long term contracts. 

You can cancel at any time!

Our Difference:

We are here because of our customers, and we are here for our customers! Our goal is to provide the best service possible by being available to answer any questions and solve any problems you have quickly.  

Our Experience:

With over a decade in franchising and a CFE (Certified Franchise Executive) certification our founder has the experience to generate the systems and data you need to compete in competitive marketplace. As an IFA member for four years he is part of the franchising community at large.