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2021-08-14 13:54:00

Best practices for your Franchise visits

Ask yourself:

What is the goal of these Evaluations (Visits)?

How can Evaluations have the best impact on the franchise system as a whole?

Notice I do NOT call them inspections or audits. This is because it is important to get buy-in from the franchisees, and words matter. Does an audit or insection sound like something you would find pleasant?

Are you going to their location to find something wrong and punish them if you do? If so, they will probably not want you there and most likely set up a false representation of how the franchise operates.

Or, instead, are you there to help them improve their business and profitability while seeing how they actually operate? If so, you can increase your profit at the franchisor level by assisting them in raising gross sales while building good relationships.

The best way to know if you are doing a good job is to understand if the franchisees are looking forward to your visit or fretting it.

Of course, you still need to point out any deficiencies or compliance issues the franchisees may have, but how and when you do it can soften the blow and reinforce why you are bringing the subject up in the first place.

With these simple steps, not only will you have a more successful franchise system, but you and your franchisees should enjoy what you do!

  • Try not to start the evaluation with any negative observations or comments, even if they are the first thing noticed. You can always start by asking them what you can do to support them better or what they have been doing since the last visit that has most improved their business. These conversations convey that you are part of the same team that cares about their success.

  • Smile! This is a simple way to make them feel comfortable with your visit.

  • When you do point out issues, you should frame them positively. For example, explain how, in your experience, locations that do “XYZ” perform better and have better margins. You are there to them to help them, not to criticize.

Have the franchisee set goals! Again, this will show how you can support and help them improve, not to be critical.

Jason- Fran Metrics