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2022-10-03 08:07:00

Happy Fall from Fran Metrics: Software Update

We are continuously working to improve your experience with the Fran Metrics platform and have an exciting update to share with you in celebration of Fall.

You may already know about the feature of segmentation that our reporting utilises. With segmentation, you can create a subset of data which is useful for comparing unit performance and efficiency. For example, let’s say you own multiple units, you could segment your data to show revenue breakdowns by unit.

With our newest update, you can break down and segment your data even further!

Here are a couple of examples of what that might look like and how this feature can be beneficial to your franchise:

Scenario 1:

You own three burger restaurants and rent out space to accommodate your customers that prefer to dine in, but you also offer delivery and pick up options. With our updated feature, you can now segment your revenue between your delivery, pick up, and dine in sales to determine the efficiency of your square footage space! If you chose to, you could even narrow it down by table or seat to see the revenue generated by each table or customer. This valuable data already belongs to you, but now Fran Metrics will be able to report it to you in a meaningful way that will assist your ongoing business decisions!

Scenario 2:

You provide mobile services that require multiple vehicles to get to your customers. Each vehicle is owned by your company, requires maintenance, outfittings for specialized services, etc… Our segmentation feature can tell you how much revenue each vehicle generates, thereby giving you insight into whether or not you should expand and add vehicles!

Additionally, having this data available gives your franchise an edge when it comes to generating your Item 19 data. Prospective franchisees who are considering on-boarding with you will appreciate detailed figures that demonstrate factual representations of their revenue potential!

We hope you find value in this update and we are looking forward to configuring your reporting so that your data works for you! As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or additional features you’d like to see implemented, please let us know!

Happy Reporting,

The Fran Metrics Team