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2022-05-21 13:19:00

Scorecards: Actionable Data to Inform Ongoing Business Decisions with Confidence

From inception, Fran Metrics has identified and encouraged the importance of utilizing Franchise Scorecards. Our platform is designed to provide timely, relevant, actionable data that benefits your entire organization and we are committed to continuing this practice so that you have more time to commit to wealth generation, franchisee support, and overall business growth.

Scorecards are designed to collect, compile and benchmark the most critical and actionable numbers (KPIs) that you can track on a per-unit basis. We recommend keeping the number of KPIs to less than 20. You can have daily, weekly, and/or monthly scorecards, depending on how you prefer to collect & automate your data collection process. Utilizing Operational Profit calculations, this is one step past EBITDA and will give an apples-to-apples comparison, leaving out discretionary and other costs not associated with the operation like interest or depreciation.

In many cases, a franchisee-delivered profit and loss statement can be useless for both franchisees and franchisors because it doesn’t include the metrics evaluated by a Scorecard!

Quickly and Easily navigate between views that show KPIs of:

  • The Franchise as a whole!
  • Smaller, customized groups such as separated by state or population size.
  • A Single Unit- See an individual unit’s performance and financial highlights.