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2022-03-01 00:16:00

Stop Avoiding Your Field Evaluations

Inspections, field visits, evaluations… They go by many names, but they are a necessary part of your business to ensure policies and procedures associated with safety and consistency are being maintained across all locations. Fran Metrics has a solution for this cumbersome process so you can stop avoiding them and start putting your actionable data to work for you.

At FranMetrics, we understand that nobody likes to be the bad guy and we want to help your field evaluations be positive and encouraging to both Franchisor and Franchisee alike. While an inspection can bring feelings of doubt, worry, or uncomfortable conversations, it can also be presented as a chance to reward those who shine and demonstrate aptitude within your Franchise. By using our evaluation forms, you will be prepared to issue objective assessments of every aspect of your business from branding and marketing to cleanliness and appearance. Tough conversations may need to be had, but with objective, actionable data backing your concerns, the issue can quickly be addressed as an opportunity for improvement so that everyone can move forward.

Evaluation Features:

  • Easy set-up with over 500 template questions
  • Optimized user experience- Easiest to use in the industry!
  • Swipe to answer questions on mobile devices
  • Track performance over time
  • Document images of any points of concern
  • Answers are saved instantly in the cloud- Don’t risk losing your data!
  • Toggle between modes to show only unanswered/remaining questions

Self Evaluations:

When a Franchisee is preparing for an evaluation, they may feel extra pressure or anxiety about what is going to be assessed and if they are going to be subject to criticism. Empowering your Franchisees with self evaluations can transform the experience and give them ownership over the process. Self evaluations are easily generated within our platform and can serve as a point of reference toward growth and productivity.

Mystery Shoppers:

A mystery shopper is a time tested way to gather additional feedback about your customers’ experiences and we built it into our platform to make it accessible to you and your Franchisees. Utilize our platform to generate a simpler version of the field visit evaluation that can be completed quickly and provide an objective measurement of your mystery shopper’s experience. This valuable KPI provides a starting point that encourages constructive conversations about compliance and achievement.


Regardless of your industry, a field evaluation can be a time intensive burden if you aren’t prepared with a structured form or process. At Fran Metrics, we can help you create custom, industry specific evaluation forms that cover every aspect of your business. We know that if you are investing time into conducting a field visit, you want a simple, concise form to help ensure you issue a fair, objective evaluation. Using our templates, pre-loaded question bank, and easily navigated evaluations will save you time and increase the efficiency of your visit, ultimately strengthening the Franchisee/Franchisor relationship.