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2022-07-12 18:10:00

Turning "What If" into Actionable Franchise Data

Can you tell your franchisees how much operational profit they would have made if they just had the median labour costs of outlets in their state?

Fran Metrics clients can!

One of the exciting tools offered within the Fran Metrics platform is our “What If Scenario”. By simply toggling the numbers, you can see what your Operational Profit would look like if a single unit were able to achieve the median Food Cost, Labor Cost, and/or Advertising Cost in your franchise.

This actionable data is helpful for your goal setting and long term planning because your franchisees can see that they don’t need to have the very best metrics in your franchise to achieve the gains they may be seeking. You can very easily utilize this data to structure incentive programs and reward franchisee growth toward goals. Supporting your franchisees’ efforts will yield positive results for your entire franchise and contribute to your overall franchisee retention, not to mention future unit sales

Franchisors that sign up before October 1st, 2022 will be able to utilize this, and other dynamic reporting tools for their first five franchisee units for free!

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